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Meg and John’s Wedding

So I’m writing this about a month after it happened, but I’m setting the date back to September 5th. It may or may not be so that I look more active on the blog, don’t judge me. ;) Meg and John’s wedding was *perfect.* For today, I’m just going to post a few pictures of the invitation set I designed…
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I’m probably a river mermaid

So, yesterday we got up early and went to the river with Carl. The past few times we had been it was miserably packed with people, so we decided to try earlier, which was a complete success! We did run into some firefighters doing some water drills, but we avoided them pretty easily by bouncing back and forth between two…
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Letterpress invitations from Hoban Press

I am so in love with our invitations. We ordered them a few weeks ago, from Hoban Press, a small printing company located in Washington. The invitations turned out beautifully. I found Hoban Press browsing the Wedding Planning board on Reddit, where someone had posted a rave about their fantastic services. I couldn’t be happier that I found them, I…
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Park discovered: fairies possible.

I mentioned this briefly in this post, but a while back, while I was walking to Michaels to get some paints, I found the MOST adorable little park. It’s one that I had seen on the map before, and I thought I had found it when Brent and I came across a small field beside the neighborhood pool. I was mistaken!!…
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I paint things now.

Well, I did it. I swore I was going to wait until I had doors to keep the kitten away from drying paints, but I caved, and now I’m in love. I supposed I’ll just be chasing her away from any wet paint for now. Below the break are some more pictures of yesterday’s projects.