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Palumbo Pack of 2!

Megan is one of my favorite people in the world, so when she got engaged a few months back, I did all sorts of happy dances for her and John. My fiance had popped the question for me just a few weeks before they shared their news, so I was already in full wedding stationary mode.

Chudley Cannons

I finally finished the Cannons poster I started at least a year ago the other day! I wrapped it up for a customer on Etsy that gave me one of my first reviews from non-friends. And such a sweet review it was!

Quidditch Poster Post

Right now I’m not focusing on these, but they’re always a fun side project. If you want one, you’ll currently have to put in a request here, or message me on Etsy about a custom listing, since I currently don’t have any up. Images by Wild Joy Studios