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Secret Garden Soap’s New Look

I posted it on my Instagram and Facebook the other day, but I’m so excited to share here too: after a few months of hard work with Secret Garden Soap, we finally have their new logo ready to show off! For the logo I drew the outline of a lavender plant, based off of a botanical print.

Throwback Thursday: Chapel Hill Edition

Hey guys! It’s Thursday, and clearly that means I need to post things about stuff that happened a long, long time ago. Or a few years ago, at least. One of my very first freelancing jobs was in Chapel Hill, working for a place called Hotdogs and Brew. The theme I designed for them was a really fun, vintage one….
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More designs & not ready for summer.

Summer is coming here in Atlanta. I’m absolutely, one hundred percent, not ready for it. If it was just a comparison of temperatures, I mean, I’d take summer any day. The greens, and the lightning bugs, and the flowers, and the being outside without turning into an ice cube are all things I miss dearly, I really do. The main…
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April Wedding Updates!

I go through phases with my wedding planning. One day I hate it more than anything, the next it’s the most fun thing I’ve ever done. This past weekend has been one of wedding planning love! All the things I’m excited about getting taken care of are after the break!

Love you to the moon.

I try to keep a personal project around at all times that I can sort of switch gears to when I get worn out with other things. Last month one of my side projects was an invitation set I had started a while back. Originally I wanted to design this set for my own wedding, but when we got engaged…
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