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Friday Freebies – Spring Butterfly Printable

Happy March first!!! As much as I love Winter, I think I’m ready to see this one go and let us all thaw out a little. Bring on Spring!! And to celebrate the seasonal change coming up, here’s a free poster print for you guys. I took a vintage butterfly print and cleaned it up a bit, so that you…
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Happy 2019!

It’s a little under two weeks into the new year and I’m still having trouble believing that it’s two thousand NINEteen. This past year I turned 32 years old, went on several trips to various states, celebrated being married for three years, and SO much more. I helped a lot of brides and grooms make stationery tailored to fit them…
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Friday Freebies – Two Typography Printables

Next weekend is my birthday, and this weekend me, my husband, and my brother are all headed to Orlando, to one of my favorite places in the world to celebrate – Harry Potter World!!! In preparation, one of my favorite people (Mars from Fleet Street Hair shop) dyed some Ravenclaw blue streaks into my hair, I have a new Ravenclaw…
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