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Behind the Scenes – All About Mockups

If you have never seen mockups outside of free generic placeholder images, you’re missing out on one of my absolute favorite marketing tools. Mock up template files are made to be highly convenient and easy to use. Not to mention scroll-stoppingly gorgeous.  They can help you reduce your content creation costs, save time, and offer a way to give your…
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Life on Mars

A Styled Shoot at the Pisgah Crater Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in our solar system. It’s also known as the Red Planet because of its reddish appearance caused by iron oxide on its surface. NASA I’m completely in awe of this styled shoot that took place at Pisgah Crater, California. The…
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4 Important Images for your Brand

Curating images for your brand can seem like an very overwhelming process. It took me a while before I really put together a formula for what to keep as brand imagery and what to not include. So I figured I’d help a little with some advice on a few different types of images that you should curate for your brand,…
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