Wild Joy Studios celebrates life, love, and joy with heirloom wedding paper.

I’m Allison, a ginger, mermaid, unicorn, and graphic artist.

I create bespoke, heirloom paper goods for wanderers, explorers, and adventurers. I’ve been doing graphic design professionally for about 7 years now, and playing with graphic design for over a decade. I realized I loved wedding design in 2015 when one of my amazing friends asked me to help design their stationery set. I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve designed wedding paper suites for so many couples across the country. My favorite thing to design is maps, and I’ve gotten to make some pretty cool ones from NYC to Hawaii. Me and my husband (and our two sweet fuzzballs, Carl Sagan the corgi, and Professor the cat) have moved several times – starting out in North Carolina where we met, to Atlanta for a few years, finally to Lexington, Kentucky, where we plan to call our home for years to come.

Wild Joy Studios is named after my mama, Joy. She really was my best friend and favorite person. I try to pour all of the love, happiness, and joy that she gave me into the work I do for all of my clients and customers. I am always honored when a couple decides to use Wild Joy for their big day. Being able to illustrate what is, very often, one of the happiest days one has means the world to me. I love what I do, I love paper, I love design, and I love weddings.

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