Wedding Anatomy 101: Stationery Budgets

Hey all you awesome wedding folks! Today I wanted to talk a little about the different levels of customization I can offer for your wedding paper journey. I separate these into three categories: custom, semi-custom, and DIY. Each level has pros and cons of their own, so let’s take a little look into each one.

Let’s start with fully custom.

Fully custom wedding design means exactly what it sounds like. We start with an idea you have in your head, and we collaborate to put it onto some beautiful paper. Fully custom suites can contain as few or as many pieces as you want, and often include things like wax seals, envelope liners, and other pretty extras.

To read more about the different pieces we can include in a fully custom suite, head over here to this past post!

Fully custom is our highest price point for stationery. I don’t like to hide my prices, so I’m going to give you a quick breakdown** of an example fully custom order. For more pricing details, you can visit this page. I do my best to keep these prices up to date, and make a price estimate for each of my customers with the exact items you want included.

Meet Jessica and Christian! Here is a breakdown** of what they included in their wedding suite. They needed 100 invitation sets.

The Basics:

Custom Invitation Design (includes save the dates)$500.00
Base Invitation Suite*$4.30 each $430.00
Additional 5×7 Details/Info Card$0.80 each $80.00
*Includes: Invitation, basic outer envelope, RSVP card, basic RSVP envelopes

Extras – Wraps, Etc.

Black A7.5 Outer Envelope Upgrade$1.20 each $120.00
Spice Velvet Inner Envelopes$4.00 each$400.00
Stock Wax Seals in Black$3.50 each$350.00
Address Labels (including RSVP labels)$1.50 each$150.00

Specialty Printing

Custom Foil Plate*$240.00 each $240.00
Foil Stamping$2.50 each$250.00
*Each foil card design needs a stamping plate. If you want foil on multiple pieces, like Invitation and RSVP card, you will need a plate for each piece.

Design Fees

Pet Portrait x3(discounted for multiples) $40 each $120.00
Custom Family Crest$250.00

Grand Total = $2,890

**This example suite is from a 2023 wedding, prices shown have been updated to 2024 pricing. They may change in the future to reflect future pricing updates. For more up to date pricing, check my pricing page.

Fully custom is for you if:

  • You’re looking for stationery that nobody else will have, stationery that stands out.
  • You have a high stationery budget ( on average $1,500 and up)
  • You have a unique wedding theme

Up next we have Semi-Custom!

The semi-custom suites are pre-designed sets for customers that want beautiful wedding stationery with a smaller budget than a fully custom suite. Semi-custom suites start with a design, which we can make edits to the text only. The artwork generally can’t be changed for my semi-custom suites.

All semi-custom suites include a design for an invitation and an RSVP card, and include white outer and RSVP envelopes in the price. For an additional cost, you can add limited customizations to these suites. Semi-custom suites are capped at three customizations before we would need to look at going fully custom.

For example, we could take the Dark Florals I Suite, and add an outer envelope color upgrade, an envelope liner and an inner, ungummed envelope. I’ll break down pricing for 100 sets (about 185-200 guests) below.

Base Invitation Suite*$4.30 each $430.00
Color Upgrade Outer Envelope$0.80 each$80.00
Inner Ungummed Envelopes$1.30 each$130.00
Envelope Liner$2.90 each$290.00
*Includes: Invitation, basic outer envelope, RSVP card, basic RSVP envelopes

Envelope addressing is always available, and does not count towards the three customizations. My favorite method of envelope addressing uses big, gorgeous labels that wrap around the side of your envelopes. I can also print directly onto envelopes, but this has limitations. I can print full color on white envelopes, and black only on light to medium colored envelopes. I do not offer white ink printing at this time.

Guest Address Labels (let’s use this for our total)$1.50 each $150.00
Direct to Envelope Printing$3.50 each$350.00

Grand Total = $1,080

Again, these semi-custom examples are using 2024 prices, prices may change in the future. To check for more current prices, have a look at my pricing page here.

Of course, you can always order the semi-custom suites without any customizations, and with just the invitation, RSVP card, and white outer and RSVP envelopes. The grand total for just the base invitation suite would then be $430.00 for 100 sets.

And last, but absolutely not least, we have the DIY options!

DIY gets a bad rep in the wedding world. If you have the time, and enjoy a project, I don’t think there is anything wrong with DIYing your wedding invitations, and a lot of time you will be able to do it at a much less expensive price than I can offer. As a bonus, they can end up exactly like what you have in your head without having to go back and forth with edits that another person is making.

With my DIY options, I offer you a digital base with templates and designs that you can take and customize as little or as much as you want. All of my digital templates use Canva, which is free to use. From there, you can change colors, fonts, and even add more art from Canva’s selection.

One suite available as a digital purchase is the Wilder Suite.

Then, to make things even more simple, you can order the printed cards directly from Canva. Or you can print at home if you have a good way to cut your cards down to size. You can also take your final design and get it printed locally. I’ll put together a whole blog article talking you through some DIY options at some point, it definitely is a subject that deserves it’s own post!

My digital wedding suites are priced at $27.00 for the whole suite. For an invitation suite, that would include an editable save the date, invitation, RSVP card, info card, mini cards (which can be used for place cards, or mini info cards), and table numbers. A nice pack of 50 pieces of card stock from Amazon costs about $15.00. Envelopes usually cost between $5 and $30 for a pack of 100 on Amazon. If you have a printer and a way to make straight cuts at home, you can expect this route to cost you somewhere between $75 and $200. We’ll go with a middle number for your grand total:

Grand Total = $100

Be warned, I DIYed my wedding invitations… and had so much fun with it that I became a wedding stationer. So you may not be able to escape the wedding world if you embark on this particular journey. If it pulls you in, I’ll welcome you into the vendor world!

That’s all I have for you today, let me know if you have questions that popped up while reading through these options. Let me know if there are specific wedding stationery questions you want me to dedicate a whole post to!

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