How to Write a Holiday Letter…

(…that doesn’t suck.)

The holidays are here, and with the start of December, many people start writing letters and cards to their friends and families. It can seem like a daunting task though. Here are some tips to help you get started! And at the bottom, you’ll find a link to some printable holiday gift tags.

Use Bullet Points

Writing out long paragraphs is both harder on you as the writer, and harder for your friends and family to read. An easy way to go over the things you want to share is by having a few sections of bullet points to go over the highlights of your year.

Start with a Positive Note

Everyone knows that this year has been a particularly tough year for everyone. So use your card as a way to bring a little cheer to the people you’re sending it to. Maybe mention that one of the things you look forward to with this time of year is connecting with loved ones near and far. You don’t have to stay completely away from mentioning the bad, but try to outweigh it with the good.

Keep it Short

Shorter is often sweeter, and most of the time your friends and family won’t be interested in reading a 3 page letter about how many times you went golfing in October. Basically, going back to the bullet points, try to hit those highlights that everyone is a little more interested in!

Write in Your Voice

A lot of people have a hard time sounding flat when they’re writing a letter. Try saying the things you want to write out loud, like you’re having a conversation with the recipients. This helps you write in your own voice, and avoid using words and phrases that you normally wouldn’t use.

Don’t Brag

Resist the urge to embellish your stories, and make yourself sound better than real life. Nobody wants to read a letter bragging about how amazing you and your family are. Stick to your own personalities, real accomplishments, and it will be perfect.

Below is the link to the free holiday gift tags I mentioned. Print them off, and color them with your family, or by yourself as another stay at home activity. I’m wishing all of you a happy holiday season, filled with love and joy.

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