Elopement in the Streets of Paris

2020 has been a rough year, especially for people who love to travel. But while we’re all stuck at home, at least we can look at pretty pictures of faraway places we wish we could go see. One of the places on my wishlist to visit one day is Paris (because, of course?) While I haven’t been there, my stationery has! I sent it over with the talented Rowanberry and Lavender, who sent me back these gorgeous photos.

Honestly, this bouquet shot is one of my favorites of all time. The colors are just so warm and perfect. It’s simple, elegant, and gorgeous.

That light! The light in all of these photos is just perfection, and makes me want to go exploring the streets of France.

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I was so excited to see my pretty, folded map set styled with macarons and perfect little French touches.

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What are your top destinations to visit as soon as Corona virus is a distant memory? Some of mine are the PNW, Norway, Patagonia, Scotland, and Nepal. Who knows what will end up winning!!