WJW – Bloomsday in Dublin

When we traveled to Ireland for Brent’s birthday a few years ago, we had a happy coincidence. We arrived just in time for Bloomsday! What is Bloomsday you ask? I’m happy to tell you all about it, so grab your favorite jaunty hat and settle in for a short literary lesson about one of our now favorite holidays!

Bloomsday is the celebration of the Irish writer, James Joyce, and it’s coming up this year in just a few days. Bloomsday is named after the main protagonist Leopold Bloom, in Joyce’s novel Ulysses. It occurs on June 16th, and is celebrated throughout the streets of Dublin. Folks dress up as characters from the book, most importantly all wearing hats. Marathon readings of the novel, free food, and festivals are held throughout the city.

It is a silly, delightful event, and even though it was a total coincidence that we showed up at just the right time for it, it was one of our favorite parts of our trip. Of course, like I stress over and over again, Ireland in general is one of my absolute favorite places in the world, and I can’t wait until I get to go back for another dose.

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