Summer Oranges Wedding Inspiration

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Accent Wallpaper | Peeled Orange Necklace

I am so excited about this dreamy combination of colors. Deep jewel toned greens with orange accents are such a lovely summer combo! I’ve been working on scouring Etsy for all things orange (the fruit, not the color!) and orange blossom related for a few weeks now, and I’m so excited to show off these pretty finds for your wedding planning inspiration!

A dark green dress would be perfect for either your wedding party, or if you don’t want a traditional wedding dress, for a unique wedding dress twist! This orange print wall paper would make a cute accent wall, for displaying behind you during the ceremony, and could even do double duty as a photo booth backdrop later during the festivities.

Orange Paper Straws | Orange Print | Dried Blood Oranges

Keep things eco-friendly with these cute paper straws. For some cool table/decor accents, you can use real dried oranges. Blood oranges give you a deeper, jeweled reddish-orange. This cute oranges print could be a perfect background for a frame with calligraphied glass, to point the way to drinks, dancing, or anything else your heart desires!

Real Orange Trees | Fake Orange Trees | Vintage Glassware

Baby dwarf orange trees would make the CUTEST accent pieces that some of the guests could take home with them. Depending on how early you planned for them, they may not have actual oranges on them, but you could easily hang cute orange ornaments on them, or even just use them as pretty greenery. Etsy has a variety of live ones, and fake ones. For some vintage orange flair in your tablescape, these glasses are perfect.

Blossom Spoon Ring | Orange Blossom Earrings | Peeled Orange Earrings

For jewelry, you could go subtle with orange blossoms, or you could just go all out with these super cute orange slice earrings. The orange blossom spoon ring could make a totally unique engagement ring, or even a wedding ring. And the orange blossom earrings are pretty, delicate, and possibly one of my favorite pairs of earrings I’ve come across.

Felted Garland | Circle Garland | Leaf Confetti

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As far as venue inspiration? I love the idea of using a greenhouse or conservatory as your venue. Work in some gorgeous, bright florals as a headpiece, and you’ll fit right in with the background botanicals! And of course, you’ll need an invitation suite to get everybody in one place.

Have you had a fruit inspired wedding? Know somebody who did? Tell me about it in the comments, or even send me some photos to get featured on the blog!

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