My Studio Space Journey

My office area is a never ending work in progress. I dream of the day we can buy a house and I can have a separate studio space all to myself, but for now my work area is a little over half of the biggest bedroom in our smallish two bedroom apartment. The guest bed is in this room too, which means all of our guests get an included tour of my workspace! It’s a bonus I think! ๐Ÿ™ƒ Slowly I’ve been collecting things that fit the brand I’ve been building for Wild Joy Studios. One of the things this year I’ve been most excited about is that Target started carrying the CUTEST office supplies in the perfect colors to match my brand. Every time we go back, I grab a few more things. When we were in Marietta, I had a small semi-outdoor room for my space, overlooking the gorgeous woods in our then-backyard. I think I’ll always miss this spot for working, it was peaceful, green, and lovely. Of course, it was also un-insulated, so working out there for really hot, or really cold days was out of the question. And since all that was between me and the outdoors was a screen door, the mosquitos got in quite often. We lived basically right beside a river, so it was mosquito central, of course. My dream space would be for us to buy a house, that either comes with a building in the back that has electric, or space for us to put one. I want plants all over, both inside and out. The other main goal for the studio is a letterpress. (And I wouldn’t haaate it if we ended up on a farm, where I can have all sorts of animals.) Tell me about your dream work space in the comments!