Wild Joy Wanders: Harry Potter World (2017)

Some of my favorite moments are just exploring the shops and taking in all the bright, pretty colors. The details of everything in Diagon Alley are mind blowing! I could take a few days to wander through the shops, just looking at things.

It was Cameron’s first time visiting the park. He sorted himself the night before in preparation, and found out he was a Slytherin, so we figured Gregorovitch’s Wand Shop would be a fun place to get his wand. Definitely visit both wand shops though, Ollivander’s has some  fun details, along with a chance to get picked for the fun wand choosing show.

The blue building was one of my very favorite shops, and I wandered in and out, and around it a good bit. We had a few places through the park that we loved just sitting at and watching the crowds. One of our spots was the steps right near the fire breathing dragon. Bonus points, it was near the ice cream shop.

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Night time may be my favorite time in the park. Everything glows, and becomes just lovely and sparkly. There are also some really pretty, magical window displays at night. I can’t wait to get back to the park, my fingers are crossed for a visit early in 2018!