Wild Joy Wanders: The Emerald Isle

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Oh Ireland. How lovely you are. Can I go back to Ireland? I’m ready to go back.

The images in the slideshow don’t even start to capture how magical this place was. On the third day there, we drove about an hour away from Dublin and arrived at one of the most magical, probably fairy-inhabited (seriously, it was THAT magical) places I’ve ever been.

Glendalough was instantly my favorite place that I’ve visited. We explored the lake there for a few hours, and then on the suggestion of Carol, who took some amazing pictures of me and Brent by the way (I will make a separate post for those!), we drove a little further to Lough Tae (the Guiness lake!) and then Sally Gap, which is where those amazing sunset pictures below were taken.

Me and Brent constantly talk about how and when we can make an excuse visit Ireland again. With so many places on my travel list, it seems crazy to want to keep going back to the same place, but it seriously feels like I left my heart there.

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