Wild Joy Wanders: Visiting Jamaica

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This September I got the chance to spend a week working somewhere a little different… Jamaica! A place I’d never really considered going before, (I’m really not much of a tropical destination person, I prefer cooler locations) Jamaica was full of lovely colors, and (possibly most exciting,) the resort we stayed at had unlimited food. And boy oh boy, I love food.

The chance to work in a totally different setting, often surrounded by tropical flowers and the sound of the ocean, was a great break from the day to day setting of working in my living room “office.” It’s always a boost for the creative side of things to spend time working in a different place as well. We stayed at Sandals, and it was a pretty great experience. Unlimited food and drinks, aka baasically my version of heaven! And everything we ate there was amaaaazing.

I couldn’t get over the greenery that was all over the resort. It was so pretty, and such a lush, tropical shade of deep green. It just about gave Ireland a run for its money.

Jamaica is really a gorgeous place, and I was so happy to be able to capture some lovely moments of my time there. Some of these will definitely be going onto canvas to decorate the walls of our home.

If we go back, I want to see more of the island. Doing a road trip would be an amazing experience, or taking a guided hike through the forest to see the waterfalls.

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