2017 Wedding Stationery Trends

It’s a new year, and with it comes pretty new stationery trends! Look below the break for some of my favorite trends for 2017.

Watercolor Art

It’s no secret that I love doing watercolor style designs for my invitation sets. So of course I’m excited that this is expected to be one of the biggest stationery trends this year.

A great option to use in your stationery for a watercolor theme is a watercolor painting of your venue, or watercolor map. These are some of my favorites to make!

Find my watercolor venue paintings here on Etsy, and my map listings here.

Simple Greenery

My logo is fern leaves, of course I’m beyond excited that greenery is going to be big this year. Mixed with watercolor? Yes please!!

Rustic Touches

Think wood prints, and of course, more greenery. Cozy plaids and warm textures fit in well here too!

The above set would be perfect for a late fall or winter wedding. Kraft envelopes (below) are another great way to add some simple and elegant rustic touches to your suite.

What do you think of this year’s wedding stationery trends? Which are your favorites? I think my favorite part is how great they all go together, and I can’t wait to mix and match them for some of my upcoming couples!