Wedding Invitations: The Process

There’s a lot I love about my job, but one of my favorite things is part of the process I go through when I’m coming up with a new set to list. One of the things I looove to do is to come up with a sort of fictional wedding couple, and plan out their fictional wedding. Of course it can’t go too far into the details, but it lets me explore all the weddings that I wish I could have (since technically, I’m only supposed to have one!)

Chemistry Invites + 3 Card with Nature

Making up this pretty chemistry set, I invented Jessica and Markus. They’re both chemists, having met in school in Europe, and they’re having their winter wedding under the northern lights. Or, we can look at the adventurers Sofia and John. They’re getting married in the Colorado mountains, in the fall. They’ll be surrounded by nature, and dancing under the stars.

Adventure - Wood Floor Background

I love coming up with my make-believe couples and weddings, almost as much as I love getting to know my real couples and finding out about their wedding plans (almost.)