Meg and John’s Wedding

So I’m writing this about a month after it happened, but I’m setting the date back to September 5th. It may or may not be so that I look more active on the blog, don’t judge me. ;)

Meg and John’s wedding was *perfect.* For today, I’m just going to post a few pictures of the invitation set I designed for them, along with a selfie and maybe a few snapshots I took through the day. I’ll post again later when I get back more pictures from the amazing Amaris (look at her awesomeness here) of the programs and various other design goodness I worked on. 

I’m still beyond thrilled that Meg asked me to have such an important part in her big day. Making these invitation sets was one of the most fun projects I’ve had, just, ever. It all started with a request for a custom wedding logo, she wanted a pair of cute wolves, NOT scary wolves, but cute wolves. I was so excited. From there, #PalumboPackof2 was born. (It deserves mentioning that Meg and John are huge NC State fans.)  After we had their logo, the next obvious step was to PUT IT ON ALL THE THINGS!!!

Anyway, with no further ado, here are some pictures of the invitations, and of the gorgeous day.

Photo by Amaris Photography.

The wedding colors were navy blue and pink.

Meg Dress Watercolor

I snapped this shot while Meg was relaxing in her AMAZING dress. You can see her hot pink shoes on the floor beside her.


Leslie-Alford Mim's House

And of course, all the wedding party members took selfies as we did the processional.

If you need custom wedding stationary designed, get in touch with me up there at my contact page, or give me a visit on Etsy. Doing this stuff is seriously my favorite.