Wedding Venue Keepsakes

I’ve been collecting watercolor brushes, patterns, and textures for a long time now, and recently I’ve been playing with them a lot. I’m really excited about the newest addition to my shop, these watercolor style wedding venue keepsakes! 

Wedding stationery and keepsakes by Wild Joy Studios

To get to this final product, I did a lot of hand painting in Photoshop, along with experimenting with watercolor pattern overlays set over the various brush layers. It’s really a soothing and relaxing project to work on, and makes me wish I had the space (and funds!) to do some real watercolor painting. Maybe one day when we have a place that has doors, to keep the kitten monster out of everything.

The possibilities are endless. After I’ve finished painting over the picture, I can add a gradient and some secondary color accents to match the color scheme of the wedding. I’m seriously in love with the outcomes I’ve had so far.

Wedding stationery and keepsakes by Wild Joy Studios


I’ve listed the watercolor keepsakes in my Etsy shop (you can see them by clicking the photos above. I have the listing set to only have 1 available at any time, since they are so time intensive, so if they show up as sold out, don’t worry! I’ll renew the listing any time I finish one for a customer.


Images by Wild Joy Studios