I paint things now.

Well, I did it. I swore I was going to wait until I had doors to keep the kitten away from drying paints, but I caved, and now I’m in love. I supposed I’ll just be chasing her away from any wet paint for now. Below the break are some more pictures of yesterday’s projects.

Here are the printed and cut business cards that started the whole rabbit hole thing. They’re smaller than regular business cards, and I love them. Black and white was fine, but I really wanted to add in a little sparkle to them.

arDesign business cards

Here’s the gold edges I added in. I really love how this effect turned out. The edges are a little messy, which looks great.

2015-05-24 12.45.33

After I finished with them, I really wanted to do more painting, so I decided to try out walking to the  Michaels near us. It was a wonderful walk, despite it being super hot. I fell in love with a tiny park I passed on the way, that has several stone bridges, and a little stream going through it. I don’t want to put a ridiculous amount of pictures here, so I’ll give the little park its own post in the next few days.

Pictured below are the paints I bought. As we can tell, Allison loves her some neon colors. Seriously you guys, neon yellow = LOVE. To reiterate this point, I will state that I, completely on accident, ended up matching the invitations I made yesterday–I’m wearing a dip dyed neon yellow shirt. I love this color just a little.

2015-05-25 09.50.28

Here is the next design experiment, ready to have some paint thrown on it. I won’t lie, I was super nervous about this, since I’m new to painting. I had no idea how even a simple design (I was planning on polka dots) was going to turn out.

2015-05-24 22.12.48

And here’s the finished project! It’s pictured beside the unpainted one (obviously, I guess I didn’t need to type that out.) Seriously. In. Love. I’m never going back, I’m officially addicted to painting. I don’t have these listed yet–I have not figured out how much I want to charge for hand painted invitation sets. On the one hand, I don’t want to get super expensive. On the other hand, man, these took forever to paint.

2015-05-25 09.56.09

I would love to hear any advice from people who have gone through wedding planning on how much you think would be a fair, not-outrageous price for this sort of thing. I might come back and set up a poll later, but for now, just use my contact page, or leave a comment with your thoughts!


    • Thanks Kiara! Sadly, the blog link isn’t working anymore. I was hoping it would come back up, but no luck.