Palumbo Pack of 2!

Megan is one of my favorite people in the world, so when she got engaged a few months back, I did all sorts of happy dances for her and John. My fiance had popped the question for me just a few weeks before they shared their news, so I was already in full wedding stationary mode.

I kept my fingers crossed that she would let me help her make her wedding stationary, because I knew that she would want the cutest, most adorable stationary in the world, and boy, I don’t get to make cute things as often as I would like.  Naturally, when she asked me I was beyond thrilled to help, and have been so excited through the past few months with every new item she’s asked about!

Last week we shared her wedding website with everyone, and she sent out her Save the Dates, which we made from an adorable picture from her mini-session with the talented Amaris Photography. I was thrilled with everything she wanted for it!

Save the Dates by Wild Joy Studios

The website we made featured some of her wedding colors, navy blue and pink, and had the wedding logo I made for them at the top: two wolves wearing super cute bows. I made a copy of their website and took out a lot of their personal information, so that I could link to it here (because of course they don’t want strangers RSVPing to their event!) You can check it out here.

Meg and John: Wedding Website by Wild Joy Studios

All of this work has really been so much fun, and I’m hoping to get things to the point where I can list some wedding packages on Etsy, so I can keep helping couples celebrate the start of their lives together. Because how awesome is that?


Images by Wild Joy Studios